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What We’ve Done

Case Studies

Case Study 1

An SME with significant borrowings had been losing money for a number of years and was paying interest only on its debt. I was tasked with developing and implementing a strategy to return the business to profitability and resume bank repayments.

Approach & Result
With the directors and executives, we secured the lender’s support for a plan which included a 25% reduction in headcount, closure of a product line, eventual sale of an asset, warehousing of debt and an aggressive sales growth plan. This was implemented over a six-month period and the business returned to profitability the following year.

Case Study 2

An SME with significant imports from and exports to the UK needed help in getting its UK suppliers, in particular, get ready for BREXIT so that the client could secure its supply chain and plan for any delays or price increases.

Approach & Result
Sales to its largest UK customer were in GBP and most of its UK suppliers invoiced in EUR. We put together a plan which would allow UK suppliers bill in GBP (eliminating their currency risk) in return for them delivering to site duty paid (they became the importer). Most suppliers took up the proposal at no extra cost to the client. The client was able to use this GBP expense as a natural hedge for some of its currency exposure on sales, reducing its banking costs.


“Dave is an excellent mentor, who prepares well before the meeting so that he has an in depth knowledge of your business sector. He’s a straight talker, who will tell you what you need to work on, whilst being encouraging and advising you about what you need to do now and what you will need to do going forward.”

Local Enterprise Office client

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